Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking dates
In order to secure any desired date for our makeup and/ or hair services, a deposit constituting 50% of the total agreed service fee is required. We will then reserve that particular date and time for the client exclusively. 

In addition to the service fees, additional costs such as travel, parking and some times early start fee may apply. The cost varies depending on the location and number of team members involved. Please note the threshold for minimum booking fee does not take into account travel and parking costs. All applicable costs will be outlined clearly in the quote which will also be factored into the deposit.  

Quoted pricing will be valid for 7 days unless otherwise stated. Once the quote has expired, we can update the quote based on current pricing in line with our website. Once deposit has been made, client accepts that this initial amount is strictly non refundable/ non transferable after 3 days of payment even if the number of services is reduced. Please complete the full payment 7 days before the booked date via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Alternatively, balance of full payment can be made on the booked date itself if cash transaction is preferred.

Please consider reserving a parking lot for our team at the chosen venue or alternatively let us know where to park our vehicles and reimburse us at a later date. 

We understand unfavorable circumstances may happen, preventing things to proceed as originally planned. So if you have to reschedule, we will try our best to accommodate your new date. Do note that there may be a change in fees as the new date we are carrying out the service will be based on current pricing at that time.  

A full refund is eligible if we are notified within 3 days of transferring the deposit. In the unlikely event that Angie is no longer able to provide services on the booked date due to unforeseen circumstances or unexpected emergencies, all payments made prior will be immediately refunded upon letting the client know. We will try our best to help the client by recommending similar reputable makeup artists or hair stylist however the client accepts that they will be solely responsible for engaging and booking with these artistes and stylists themselves.

Health & Safety
Prior to booking confirmation, it is the client’s responsibility to inform us of any allergies or special health related requirements. We will not be liable for any indirect harm as a result (i.e. eczema, hay fever, etc). Any form of verbal or physical abuse is strictly not tolerated and we have the right to leave immediately for our own personal safety. In the event of such cases, the client accepts that they will not be entitled to any refund for payments made. 

Publicity of Work
As part of our evolving portfolio, the client accepts that we have the right to take photographs or video recordings of any work done; and may use them accordingly on our publicly assessible online platforms. Should the client wish to not have their photos publicized, we must be notified prior to booking confirmation. Likewise, we are happy for any of our work or photos of Angie to be publicized so long as credit is given to “Angie Soo Makeup Artist“. Alternatively tagging with @angies.mua will suffice.

Please don’t hesitate to seek clarification with us if any of the above is unclear.

Thank you,
Angie Soo Makeup Artist