We cater for a myriad of occasions and can tailor our services to suit your needs. From elegant weddings along with the entire bridal party to glamourous photoshoots & fashion runway events to private functions, whether its on a grand stage or intimate dinner table, we will make sure your natural beauty will still be the star of the show with subtle enhancements to elevate the entire look. If none of our services seemed to be what you have in mind, speak to me directly and we will work something out to accommodate your requests.

Bridal Services

Our bridal services ranges from refined natural makeovers suitable for Registration of Marriage (RoM) to extensive transformations with multiple set changes exclusively for full day pre-wedding shoots. We can also help your bridal party and/ or beloved mother(s) look their finest to complement your big day.

Special Occasions

Every occasion, no matter how big or small, should be celebrated. Whether you are the focal point of the event (Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation etc) or if you are just showing up to enjoy (High School Ball, Corporate Functions etc), you deserved to look your best. In addition to enhancing your natural features, we also provide themed makeovers to suit specific occasions.

1:1 Lessons

Interested in learning how to apply makeup or style your hair but don't know where to start? These lessons we have meticulously put together is meant to help beginners on their journey to not only find renewed confidence in how they look but also take better care of their skin and facial features. Styling like a pro is a welcomed bonus.