Snippets about me

If my future self would travel back a decade in time and told me I will doll brides up and style hair for a living, I would have brushed that idea off and carry on with my tertiary studies in engineering with the hope of working in a relevant field. Unfortunately the latter part of that did not materialize as I struggled to secure a relevant engineering job apart from an admin role post graduation.

While I was still adapting to the corporate lifestyle, I stumbled upon an ad to learn bridal makeover and hairdo. It piqued my interest since I always fancied weddings and after much contemplation, I decided to give it a go. This would eventually be my first step of faith venturing into the beauty industry as I quit my job to invest everything I have into my new found passion completely. 

Things are usually smooth sailing at the start but this was not the case. Up till then I haven’t had much exposure to make up or styling (outside of applying skincare or hitting the hairdressers); this compound with the steep learning curve as well as the cutthroat nature of the industry casted some doubts during the first few months. Thankfully I received plenty of encouragement from loved ones to push through and gradually hone my craft throughout the process. 

Fast forward to 2021, I am still loving every little bit of what I do beyond creating captivating looks and delicate hairstyles. I enjoy meeting people from various cultural backgrounds and relish the challenge to make them feel assured by enhancing their natural beauty. Above everything it brings me immense joy to play a part in elegant ceremonial events such as weddings and to witness the brides I work with walking down the aisle radiantly and beaming with confidence.

The journey doesn’t end here. I am constantly looking for fresh inspirations and ways to make my brides feel beautiful before and after makeovers. This includes enrolling in courses to refine different aspects of my skillset as well as learning from the best in the business to stay ahead of the game. 

Heartfelt gratitude to all the brides that have entrusted me on their special day, it was a privilege and you are forever a part of my story. A million thanks to all my friends and family too for their unconditional and unwavering support. 

With love,
Angie Soo

A little extra

Over the years I have developed a niche that complements the distinctive features prominent in Asian individuals. In addition to extensive experience in the bridal industry, I was fortunate enough to work at fashion events, for runway models as well as in filming. I have also conducted personal makeup courses and small group workshops catered for beginners.